Lord Jesus, Son of the living God, with the help of your Most Holy Mother the Virgin Mary, we ask you to enlighten us to carry out our mission here on Earth, always giving witness with our own life with fidelity and commitment, with joy joy and patience. Send us your Holy Spirit to sanctify our lives with love and responsibility and peace, always doing your will to achieve our challenges in the fullness of life by bringing to the end and with your protection the spirit of LAYS BAPTISM. Amen.

“Through all the ways he meets God, but it is necessary to take one and follow him to the end.”

More or less with these words, my spiritual father tried to make me understand, the need for inner daring that leads to the consecration of life. I tried to show the insufficiency of doubt as a method of learning.

He suggested that I abandon the “seeker” who lived in me, trying to promote the birth of the consecrated, the one who totally determined, has left aside the alternatives.

Nowadays, the attitude of constant search, of no commitment to any path, as if in that walk from here to there, there is always a value of self-sufficiency or presumed individual independence. This veil of never deciding is very related to consumerism, which translates to the spiritual as it is done with the material.

Paths or methods are traversed in the same way that it transits before the stained glass windows. Life is then equated with a constant movement towards what satisfies us and we seek to find the path that suits us perfectly; as if we represented a mold to which the universe should adapt.

To consecrate life requires the abandonment of the options previously considered in personal history. To detect the inclination of the heart, through which the vocation is manifested and followed in depth, for the rest of life.

Otherwise we will always be “in the beginning”. This is renunciation and is risk, implies a courageous decision making and carries with it the need for commitment.

Hence the necessity and usefulness of the formulation of the votes. Whether these are private or public, temporary or perpetual, solemn or in simple ends; are the secret of the soul that constitutes a before and after in the spiritual path.

The vows are always before God, as everything we do, and before ourselves, even if they serve the representatives of the Church or those who embody the charism to which we adhere.

The vote gives us a fixed criterion according to which we will evaluate our life from now on. It gives us the framework of our ascesis, it gives definite direction to our efforts. We make the vow or the vows, from the place in us where he lives an unshakable faith; from the audacity that led us to the election.

The consecrated person knows that there will be error and fall and advances and setbacks, but he is committed, henceforth he will live to be consistent with the promise made.

Subject to a rule or norm of life, usually under some obedience, always subject to his particular apostolate, the offered works to keep his will under yoke.