Prayer and apostolate groups

In your locality you can be part of a prayer and apostolate group, praying in the group and for others in your place of origin; a group of Lay Consecrated Persons, Lay Baptism.

You can pray the Rosary to Our Lady; the Chaplet to the Divine Mercy, and participate in the Eucharist. You can also read a part of the Gospels and the New Testament as a group. And follow the prayers of a Catholic prayer book.

You can also pray by singing a religious song in a group, a hymn or a psalm.

Entertainers and animated

The Lay groups Consecrated by Baptism, will have to be animators and encouraged of the Church, of the Parish, Free for activities inside and outside the Parish.

Song entertainers; readers; above all communicators of Hope and Faith in Charity, always everything with Love, the Lord’s Love for God, Jesus Christ for the church and above all for others, the Church and the Virgin Mary Mother of God.

Animating collaborators: living the faith from personal and community Prayer. A group singing a prayer of faith, of communicative joy. In everything that is necessary, from the Christian moral and ethical rectitude.

Contemplatives in action. Outside the Parish, on the street: seek and share the faith in pairs of two, invite people to celebrate faith in the sacraments, songs, and prayers.

Ultimately Evangelize, live the Gospel of Jesus, with Him in Him for Him.

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