“Think of a single mother who goes to church or to the parish, and tells the secretary: I WANT TO BAPTIZE MY CHILD. And the attendant says: No, you can not, because you have not married …
Bear in mind that … this mother had the courage to continue with a pregnancy, and what is she with? With a closed door!
And so, if we follow this path and with this attitude, we are not doing good to the people, to the People of God.
Jesus created the seven sacraments and with this type of attitude we created an eighth: the Sacrament of the pastoral customs!
“We need saints without a veil, without a cassock. We need saints in jeans and sneakers.
We need saints to go to the movies, listen to music and walk with their friends.
We need saints that put God first and excel in the University.
We need saints who seek time to pray every day and who know how to fall in love in purity and chastity, or who consecrate their chastity.
We need modern saints, saints of the 21st century with a spirituality inserted in our time.
We need saints committed to the poor and the necessary social changes.
We need saints who live in the world, sanctify themselves in the world and are not afraid to live in the world.
We need saints who drink Coke and eat hot dogs, who are Internet users, who listen to iPod.
We need saints who love the Eucharist and who are not ashamed to have a beer or eat pizza over the weekend with friends.
We need saints who like cinema, theater, music, dance, sports.
We need sociable, open, normal saints, friends, happy, companions.
We need saints who are in the world and who know how to taste the pure and good things of the world, but without being mundane.
These have to be us!