By my Faith and my Love I adhere to Jesus Christ, true God and True Man, to Him who is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Amen.

We are aware that we are in a world where we need each other. We must pray for each other. As true brothers and sisters. Helping one another. In Communion with God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

That is, forming a community of prayer. Community definitely.

Sharing the best we have among all and that less and more important and at the same time easy and free as a gift of God than prayer.

Let us pray for each other. Let’s feel community

Community of prayer and at the same time communion with God and therefore with Jesus Christ Our elder brother Our God-man. That as we know with his Birth, Life, Passion, Death and Resurrection has raised us to his brothers and for what we can call ourselves sons and daughters of God thanks to Him. What greatness ours and at the same time what a great responsibility. And therefore: what joy is so great and immense ours to be and feel Christians. And that without Him we would not be anything He is the Life. He is the vine we ​​the branches.

We must bear fruit of good works of Charity of Love, in prayer we put ourselves in contact with God and only thus trusting fully in Him, His grace gives His love His blessing His affection for our most sublime desires and desires and at the same time not , everyday: our work, our family life, our health, our life. He knows absolutely everything we need even before we ask him, but he needs us to do it with vehemence that we ask him. With surrender to the first and to the others beginning with the most needy in the same way. With love.

All this is not new in the background is what Christianity has always said and is that the road is the same Christ for all.

Eternal and cosmic that transcends time and space, since it becomes contemporary to each one of us and gives it a universal efficacy of salvation, and that will be with us every day until the end of the world.

And that loves us with a particular love for each and every one of us and specifically and in particular. The one who created us knows us to perfection totally. And therefore he wants us for the best because he loves us deeply without limits of any kind. Let us therefore trust wholly in Him. And He who does not ‘fail’ will never disappoint us at all will manifest His love for us in the way He knows. Much better than ourselves. Let us hope and trust Him fully.

He will never disappoint us. ‘Tune in’ with Him, let us put ourselves lovingly and fervently in His loving hands. Pray, Pray. Ask for what we most want, if it is the will of God will grant us sure. Do not give up. Let us invoke His Holy Spirit.

Our Mother of Heaven, the Virgin Mary who has made her, first all the way, will lead us safely to her Beloved Son Jesus Christ.



We invite all consecrated, as well as religious, including priests, to join us in sharing our space: in the name of the Lord Jesus and his Holy Spirit, to unite us always to the Eternal God the Father.

Adherence to our space, in prayer:

And to pray for us and for all humanity in fraternal communion: