1.- Evangelize

2.- Learn

3.- Community

4.- Summary: Sanctify

Preamble: Through Baptism we have been consecrated to God, that is to say that simply by this sacrament we are part of the mystical and physics life of God, being the sacrament of Christian initiation, consecrating us to Christ and participating in his mission as priest, prophet and king.

From Point Two (Learn)

Are you already aware that God wants to help you?

  • Follow the life of Jesus
  • Accompaniment of Saint John the Evangelist
  • Life of the great saints and saints
  • Current from the Gospel (also critical)

* Sacramental life: basically the sacraments of Penance and the Eucharist. As the foundation of the life of the grace of the Blessed Sacrament.

  • Another very important prayer point is reading the Bible especially the New Testament, its reflection and meditation to involve us in our inner and outer life.

From Point 1:

We can start from the base that any action of charity is in the evangelizing fund

Therefore, we know that the way is love and more charity and more if it is sharing or suffering suffering offered to God (He who always listens to us knows how to transform suffering into sanctification (point 4.))

Learning to form community from the family (domestic Church) spouses – parents – children etc. Parish movements. Work. Street. Places of need and precariousness: in-depth collaboration.

Therefore learn to love always more and better according to the Gospel, prayer and consultation to the catechism of the Catholic Church as a moral reference and Christian ethics.

Spiritual Guide for a Priest

We can edit a basic memorandum to create community and pray together and unite goals and moral force

So increase our Faith Hope and therefore has to come the Charity.

Where: wherever the harvest is …

(in fact also missionary spirit)

For your interest we note the consecration to the HOLY VIRGIN MARY and through her to Jesus Christ our Lord in the link


To keep us always in the Presence of God, Father Son and Holy Spirit, loving Him in all people, excluding no one. Knowing and feeling fully and eternally loved by Him that carries us in His loving hand, as if we were His only son or daughter.

For Jesus is the joy of our hearts; … to feel like Him!

“God becomes man to make man God” because for God there is nothing impossible!

Program – summary – guide:

  • Personal holiness: crucify and Christify ourselves continuously: neither more nor less: Christ in us; live in Him always !; Always become: tear our hearts.
  • Do and be like Christ himself on earth. Faith in Charity, to, as, in, Christ and therefore always be in His Presence: always be in Him! The medium, the origin and the end is this: the Christ! The total Christ in all.
  • Always give us all and with total Love! And like Him: deny us and carry the cross/es and follow Him.
  • Put this into practice personally! Knowing that we have a perfect and omnipotent ally: God made man: The Christ, for the Virgin Mary. Amen!