Laicos por el bautismo

Community of encounter with God, with others and with oneself.
Praying in community since 2006.

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Lay Consecrated by Baptism

It wants to be a space of prayer. A meeting community. Encounter with God, with the others and with oneself, with the main objectives and marked the beginning (see ‘We’) wants or intended to be independent of the other Catholic Christian movements because it is also different from others, it is different. Of course we share the main objectives of any secular or lay movement that have as referents and are linked to particular orders from other perspectives also Catholic, although we have our own specifics.

We want to repeat that this movement is of commitment, that is to say that it requires for its individual and collective development this personal commitment. That it is in principle with oneself and obviously with God, basically, but also with the community that is being formed as one moves along the path, and that ultimately grows at the rhythm of the Holy Spirit; which is the same of Jesus Christ our Lord; which is what ultimately fuels our soul and our life. To become spirits more and more filled with Him, our Master Guide and Lord. In constant growth, until complete. Yes, commitment, but loving, above all, with love, because God is love.







Virgin Mary